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Statement to the Press Concerning Access to Information - June 2016

Cap and Trade Report - Fall 2016

This report analyzes the fiscal impact of cap and trade, i.e. how cap and trade will impact the Province’s projected surplus/deficit.

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Economic and Fiscal Outlook - Fall 2016 Update

This report provides an updated Economic and Fiscal Outlook for Ontario based on developments since the release of the FAO’s spring outlook on May 18, 2016.

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Economic and Fiscal Outlook - Spring 2016

The FAO’s Economic and Fiscal Outlook is released each spring and fall, providing an assessment of Ontario’s medium-term economic and fiscal outlook.

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Economic and Fiscal Outlook - Fall 2015

This report is the FAO’s first review of the current economic outlook and the state of the provincial government’s finances.

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An Assessment of the Financial Impact of the Partial Sale of Hydro One - October 2015

The report looks at a number of key questions surrounding the partial sale of Hydro One, such as how much the Province can expect in proceeds, and the sale’s impact on the province’s budget and net debt.

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Ontario Health Sector - January 10, 2017

This report analyzes how the Province plans to achieve the health sector expense targets in the 2016 Ontario Budget, and investigates whether the low health sector expense growth rate required to achieve the targets is sustainable after 2018-19.

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