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Operating Plan and Proposed Budget for the First Two Years

Pursuant to the Act, the Officer is an officer of the Assembly. In practice, this will mean that the FAO places strong emphasis on the interests and needs of the members and committees of the Legislative Assembly.

The Officer will prepare an annual budget each March for the coming fiscal year, which will be sent to the Assembly’s Board of Internal Economy for its consideration. The budget proposal will contain an overview of the work completed in the previous fiscal year. This overview serve as the basis on which the annual report is prepared.

The Act provides the Officer with both proactive and reactive aspects of his mandate. The Officer will direct the FAO to conduct proactive projects, including analysis of the Executive’s economic and fiscal plan (that is, the Budget) and of bills and other proposals to support the Assembly’s performance of its constitutional responsibility.

The FAO will have a regular, ongoing work plan that rests on three pillars: 1) short-term, in-year current analysis of the Government’s fiscal and economic plan; 2) medium-term financial, fiscal and economic analysis; and 3) long-term fiscal sustainability projections.