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Comparing Ontario’s Fiscal Position with Other Provinces

This commentary provides an updated comparison of Ontario government revenue, spending, deficit and net debt with that of other provinces.

Ontario’s strong labour market performance continued in 2018

This commentary reviews Ontario’s labour market performance in 2018.

Assessing the Economic Impact of Ontario's Proposed Minimum Wage Increase

As part of the Fair Workplaces, Better Jobs Act, the government proposes to raise Ontario’s general minimum wage from its current rate of $11.40 per hour to $14 per hour on January 1, 2018 and $15 per hour the following year. While almost 1.6 million workers will benefit from the increase, a significant number of lower wage workers will lose their jobs and some businesses will struggle to cover higher payroll costs.

Ontario Posts Solid 2016 Job Gain as the Labour Market Continues to Evolve

Ontario posted a relatively strong job gain of 76,400 net new jobs in 2016, as the unemployment rate declined to 6.5 per cent. However, looking beyond the headline results reveals a labour market that is undergoing both structural and behavioural changes as well as continuing challenges for some workers.