Media Statement: Welcome to the Website for the Financial Accountability Office

Welcome to the website for the Financial Accountability Office (FAO).  My mandate as Ontario’s Financial Accountability Officer is to provide independent economic and financial analysis to the Legislative Assembly of Ontario, and to respond to requests from MPPs to undertake economic and financial research.

These are early days for the Financial Accountability Office. To date, we have focused on setting up the Office, but we are looking forward to shifting the focus to the analysis of issues. On this site, you will find our enabling legislation; an operational plan for the first two years of the Office’s work; correspondence related to our first information request; and biographies of the Office’s staff. In the months and years to come, you will find additional research and information requests; all reports the Office produces; and where possible, the information and data we use to conduct our analyses.

This site serves as the home for all the Office’s work. We will announce the posting of new content on social media platforms. For now, you can follow the Office on twitter @infoFAO or on LinkedIn at Financial Accountability Office.

In closing, I am honoured to serve as Ontario’s first Financial Accountability Officer. Thank you to the members of the Legislative Assembly for this opportunity. Transparency is key to fulfilling my mandate and helping MPPs perform their vital constitutional duties. Our website is an important way to promote transparency.

Sincerely yours,

Stephen LeClair

Financial Accountability Officer

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