Examining Ontario’s 2024-25 Expenditure Estimates


On April 22, 2024, the Government of Ontario (the Province) tabled in the Legislative Assembly of Ontario, Volume 1 of the 2024-25 Expenditure Estimates (or Estimates). The 2024-25 Expenditure Estimates sets out the fiscal year’s spending requirements for ministries and constitutes the government’s formal request to the Legislature for approval to spend the amounts as detailed in the Estimates.

After tabling in the Legislature, each ministry's Estimates were referred to the applicable Standing Committees for review.

The purpose of this webpage is to support Standing Committees’ reviews of ministries’ Estimates. For 2024-25, the FAO has prepared information for the following seven ministries: Children, Community and Social Services; Colleges and Universities; Education; Finance; Health; Long-Term Care; and Treasury Board Secretariat. Together, these seven ministries account for 82 per cent of the Province’s 2024-25 spending plan in the 2024 Ontario Budget.

This webpage allows the user to review a ministry’s Expenditure Estimates to the standard account level of detail, and compare requested spending against actual spending over the previous three years.

To browse the available data:

1. Select one of the seven ministries.

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3. Select an item from the table to examine further and explore additional details.

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Notes: Totals exclude ministry spending on operating assets and capital assets. Values are not restated for program transfers or reclassifications, if any. 2023-24 voted and statutory values are based on the FAO’s analysis of transactions recorded in the Province’s Integrated Financial Information System (IFIS) as of April 22, 2024, with adjustments made by the FAO to Ontario Electricity Financial Corporation Dedicated Electricity Earnings (Vote-Item 1203-12); Ministry of Health - Inventory Write-off, the Financial Administration Act and Personal Protective Equipment and Supplies, the Financial Administration Act; and Ministry of Education - Government Costs, the Teachers' Pension Act. 2023-24 consolidation adjustments values are FAO estimates. All 2023-24 figures are unaudited and may contain material changes with the release of the Public Accounts of Ontario.
Sources: Public Accounts of Ontario, 2024-25 Expenditure Estimates and FAO analysis of information provided by Treasury Board Secretariat.