Ontario School Boards: Enrolment, Finances and Student Outcomes


The FAO's report, Ontario School Boards: Enrolment, Finances and Student Outcomes, reviews the allocation of provincial funding across Ontario’s 72 district school boards, and four school systems (English Public, English Catholic, French Public and French Catholic). The report analyzes the demographic composition of Ontario’s students and the availability of French-system and Catholic-system school spaces; analyzes school board spending, budget balance and accumulated surplus patterns; and discusses academic performance by school board and system.

The interactive chart below allows users to compare data from individual school boards and school systems to the provincial average, determine how a given school board ranks among Ontario’s 72 district school boards and evaluate different characteristics by individual school board such as enrolment, spaces, per-student funding, revenue and expenses, dispersion, remoteness, urban factor and other attributes. To browse the available data, you can either select a school board directly from the second drop down menu or select a school system from the first drop down menu and click on the map to select a school board.

For more detailed information and analysis, see our Ontario School Boards: Enrolment, Finances and Student Outcomes report here.

To view the underlying data reflected in the interactive map and chart, click here.

School System and School Board Indicators for 2021-22 School Year