The FAO intends to be a leader in fiscal management research and analysis by pursuing innovative approaches to present data for legislators and the public, and openly publishing data and models used in its analysis.

Information Requests

The FAO will publicly disclose information requests on the FAO website as soon as they are made and will post the responses received from ministries and public entities. 


Models and Data Sets

This page publishes many of the models and data sets used to generate our research and analysis. If you are looking for something not listed on this page, please contact us and we will be pleased to share what is available.



This page publishes videos associated with the work of the FAO, including media interviews. 



The FAO occasionally produces its own infographics in support of its research and analysis. If you have any suggestions for infographics you would like to see regarding budgeting, economic and financial management in the Province of Ontario, we welcome your suggestions.



FAO staff actively conducts external outreach to various public groups across Ontario. Some of our presentations are provided below.