Media Statement: A message from Ontario’s Financial Accountability Officer

We have entered unprecedented times as the spread of COVID-19 escalates globally. Right now, the focus remains on the health of our citizens, who must each do their part to flatten the curve and end the spread of this deadly virus. This step is critical to both reducing pressure on our healthcare system and minimizing the economic impact of the pandemic. The faster we contain the virus, the more quickly economic activity can resume and people can get back to their normal lives. We are all in this together.

At the FAO, our job is to provide independent analysis of Ontario’s finances and the provincial economy. We are working hard to analyze the potential impacts of COVID-19 on our province. In the coming weeks and months, the FAO will publish reports on the province’s evolving financial position and the challenges facing Ontario’s economy.

During a crisis, it is important to seek information from authoritative and trustworthy sources. That’s exactly what we provide. Our office is following the advice of medical officials by working from home, while remaining available to address questions MPPs may have about the economy, the Province’s finances or the financial implications of any program or policy.

I want to close by thanking every front-line worker in hospitals, pharmacies, grocery stores, take-out restaurants and gas stations who are risking their personal health, and the health of those they love, to enable the rest of us to manage through these difficult times.

Stay healthy.


Peter Weltman
Ontario’s Financial Accountability Officer