Blog Archive : 2015

Media Statement: The Financial Accountability Officer’s Response to the Letters Dated June 1 and June 17, 2015

The Financial Accountability Officer’s response to the letters concerning the results of the review of the relevant documents and the offer to arrange briefings with staff to provide background on Hydro One and discuss the principles and methodologies for a valuation of Hydro One. 

Media Statement: Welcome to the Website for the Financial Accountability Office

Ontario’s Financial Accountability Officer, Stephen LeClair, welcomes visitors to the website of the Financial Accountability Office.  

Media Statement: The Ministries of Energy and Finance Second Response to Hydro One Information Request

The Ministries of Energy and Finance have provided a second response to the Financial Accountability Officer's May 15th request for information to assist the FAO in analyzing the fiscal impact of the Government of Ontario's planned divesture of up to 60 percent of its Hydro One equity holdings.